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We were strongly encouraged by clients to ride against the current and establish a firm that would rather move up the value chain and focus on business outcomes, fresh research, unchallenged quality and be designed for the 21st century




The Digital Revolution began to disrupt business models and erode sector boundaries and an urgent need to address sustainability started to change behaviours. Now,  the outcome of the most significant epidemic in a generation will fundamentally reset our priorities. 

“ Clearly most leading organizations will reassess their purpose, engage with multiple stakeholders, leverage technology further and focus on sustainable value creation. This is first and foremost about Leadership and Talent. This is also our opportunity


Traditional Executive Search firms have seen their business models becoming industrialized and the market commoditized. Rather than moving up the value chain, the response has been to cut corners by matching ‘cut & paste’ role descriptions with the ‘usual suspects’, and Partners incentivized to sell rather than focus on client delivery. Growth aspirations have resulted in more fixed infrastructure and bureaucracy, and above all, even more rigid Off-limits constraints.


“ It was clearly a ‘high risk’ idea to set up a new Talent Strategy firm in the midst of the deepest crisis of a generation. But we were strongly encouraged by clients to ride against the current and establish a firm that would rather move up the value chain and focus on business outcomes, unchallenged quality and be designed for the 21st century

Our aspiration is to reimagine the high-end Talent Strategy business and to personally serve some of the world’s leading corporations, Private Equity and family businesses with experience-centric solutions tailored to the needs of Boards and CEO’s.



Treat people with respect. Only privileged access to the most sought after talent and sources will guarantee a successful outcome.

“ Perhaps one of the few things that may make us look ‘old-fashioned’ is that integrity, manners and respect are fundamental to everything we do

Only by adhering to the highest standards of interacting with potential candidates will they ‘come to the table’. The same standards apply to our network of sources who are vital to gain insight into the talent pool and informal references.


We represent you and your brand value in the market. While many candidates express frustration at lack of updates, and in many cases no feedback at all, we are perfectly aware of us being one of your ‘brand ambassadors’ in the market and as part of our process you are kept updated on status of candidates who did not make it.



“ We do not take pride in 50 years of history, instead we have leveraged our extensive experience to date to design and build a business that will serve you better


We are an infrastructure-light business. We do not believe that silos of global offices or internal administration bring any value to our clients. On the contrary, we operate seamlessly across global borders, and as required, create networks of best-of-breed offerings with other providers to solve your specific challenges. An open architecture approach to building networks means that we can instantly leverage external specialist providers, operate in a lean and agile way and avoid Off-Limits constraints.

Our DNA is multi-cultural and we operate on a truly global basis. We embed diversity in everything we do as we believe successful businesses capture value of diversity rather than manage diversity. We do not see ‘digital’ or ‘gender diversity’ as standalone topics. On the contrary we believe that you can only capture the value that diversity of thought represents, if this is part of business-as-usual. So while approaching diversity candidates we talk about the business value they will bring rather than the diversity they represent.


The broader sense of sustainability is at the heart of our values and we have a zero tolerance for issues related to ethics and integrity.


We embrace relentless innovation at pace. Whilst most traditional search firms focus on developing and selling new products, our mindset is to constantly embrace client-centric innovative thinking in all areas around Talent Strategy. We are solving problems, not selling solutions. 

We leverage technology to act as a virtual business partner in everything we do, from initial research to candidate negotiations. While traditional search firms have offices filled up with printing machines, we pride ourselves by leveraging technology to virtually always being in the right place and to have a paperless set-up.


We are not only aligning our fees to milestone and successful placements, but also to our placements meeting the key performance-based criteria established upfront, and for CEO placements, to your share price evolution. Although many large search firms make significant parts of their profits from unjustified indirect administration fees, our lean structure leaves such fees to something of the past. 

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